Ratchet & Clank trophies bekend gemaakt

Insomniac Games heeft de tropy list voor de nieuwe Ratchet & Clank bekend gemaakt. Of toch een deel er van; de verborgen trofeeën blijven verborgen.
The Hero of Heroes
Collect every trophy in Ratchet & Clank
GOLD (2):
Super Trader
Complete Every Holocard set
SILVER (14):
Complete the Game on Challenge Mode
Ultimate Explorer
Collect every gold bolt.
Full Gun Rack
Acquire every weapon in the game
Master of War
Upgrade every weapon to maximum level
These Go to Eleven
Unlock every modification for every weapon
Mr. Fancypants
Upgrade Ratchet’s health to maximum level
Acquire every gadget
Abby Normal
Collect every Telepathopus brain
Go Speed Ratchet, Go!
Win the Gold Cup on both Rilgar and Kalebo
Complete every Trespasser puzzle without using Autohack
Maximizing Potential
Upgrade one weapon to maximum level.
Faster Than a Speeding Ameoboid
Complete the hoverboard Gold Cup on Riglar in under 1:35
Kalebo Thunder
Complete the hoverboard Gold Cup on Kalebo in under 2:05
Kerwan Gladiator
Complete the Fitness Course on Kerwan in under 70 seconds
BRONZE (30):
Death by Disco
Use the Groovitron on every type of enemy
Trader in Training
Complete your first holocard set
Complete your first raritanium mod
Reach the maximum bolt multiplier in challenge mode
Trade in a set of duplicate holocards for a new one
25 Hidden Bronze Trophies (and nope, they aren’t all story related!)

Ratchet & Clank verschijnt 20 april exclusief op PlayStation 4

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